Getting Started Guide

1. Create an Auction

Fill out the form to create an auction. Choose a start time, type, and list any rules you may have for your users. There are many options to configure.

2. Configure the Auction Items

You need to set up some items for your auction. If you choose to prefill an auction, items will already exist, otherwise you must add them manually.
To manage the items, go to the admin panel and click manage items, or click in the Items sub-menu bar.
If you add your own items you can upload images of the items as well.
To reorder items, simply drag and drop the green arrows in each table row.

3. Invite Users to the Auction

Go to the Admin Panel. At the bottom of the admin actions table there is a link to your auction. Send this link to your friends along with the password for your auction to allow them to join.

4. Start The Auction

Auction do not automatically start for you. You must click the Start Auction button for the auction to begin. Go to the Auction Room for your auction. If you are the creator of the auction you will have an admin bar with lots of buttons. One of the buttons is start auction. Similar buttons can be found in the admin panel.

Admin Panel Buttons
  • Start Next Item - When all bids are done you need to start the next item. Click this button to load the next item.
  • Restart Clock - Click if for some reason you want to restart the countdown clock.
  • Undo Last Bid - If a person makes a mistake you can undo the last bid. This will not go back to a previous item if there are no bids on the current item however.
  • End Auction - Click this button when all items are done. It will close out the live auction and display the final results.
  • Reload App - If you think something got messed up, clicking this button will sort of "reboot" the auction and get it to a steady state. It does not change anything, so you can use it without fear.

5. Bid on Items

As the owner of the auction you are responsible for starting the next items after bidding is complete. When the time reads "Done", click the Next Item button.

6. Complete the Auction

Press the End Auction button when all items have been auctioned off. Then go to the Admin Panel and click the What Bidders Owe page or just visit the Auction room to see the results.

7. Pat Yourself on the Back, you are Done!